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RGJRA South East Kent Remembrance Day

Remembrance Sunday will be on the 10th  November, We as a branch will be looking to parade with as many chosen men as possible, We will be meeting in our H.Q. the Dover Angling Club in Priory Road

We are looking to congregate at the H.Q. prior to the parade perhaps for “Gunfire” and we shall all meet after the parade on Sunday in the Dover Sea Angling Club for refreshments then after refreshments there will be another parade and wreath laying ceremony  held by our Branch Padre at the KRRC India  Memorial returning to the club there will be a free meal  and a pint (not free) and may I add that the beer is cheap and plentiful.

It is hoped that we get as many Members and ex RGJ attending  (and Marching) as possible so that we can make our presence as the foremost prominent Regiment on parade so we can make a difference.

Where at all possible Blazers, Full Medals and Beret to be worn.

The H.Q. will be open at 0900 and close for the parade and open again straight after the parade.


Dover War Memorial