Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions set out by the RGJRA South East Kent Branch.

All information gathered from either email or this web site will be held solely by rgjrasoutheastkent.com for ease of contact with our members.  All information held on this web site is public access except for that material secured by password, personal information will NEVER be passed onto other parties for commercial gain

All material submitted to the webmaster will become the property of the web site and may be used in any way in relation to the web site.

This web site is accessible to all and as such should not contain confidential or sensitive information.

This website is created and managed for the benefit of members and the enjoyment of the general public and as such is a non profit making  site and any monies donated / sponsored will be used by the branch to help achieve its aim.

Due to Spybots activity where they scour the websites looking for e-mail addresses to spam we do not have personal e-mails on the site, use the contact us page to enquire about addresses

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